Thursday, December 31, 2009

why is it that when i call the thin keropok lekor, keropok lekor tahi kucing, apit thinks its insulting but he can call it keropok lekor kote? it never makes sense when you live when an east coast man.

off to get my kids zaman dinosaur cell phone shaped water bottles. k for awesome.

i love you aznah..
sheesh, i gotta say that i need to work on remembering my past. ive forgotten so much of it that when my sisters tell me things ive done, i dont believe them. i guess i could blame it all on stress or meds, but i wish it wasnt that and something more like i just suck. but lets face it, i dont suck and never will coz i know i wont. i love my friends and love what they have to teach me and show me.

at least now im not in such a personal rut and im able to pour more energy towards friends and family and i happy that the people who matter most to me are still there for me, just like they were when i first met them.

as for blogging, just that word makes me feel old. but i promise to get better at it just as im getting better at writing down my thoughts in a book. yes, i said writing. next writing task will be to write a letter to my friend Ati in indonesia.

okays laters gators

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

its a quiet day, looks like rain

dhias at gmas house. ehan is so bored without her. my nose is still stinging from the bleach fumes when cleaning the bathrooms. no napping today and im starting to shake. hungry. maybe i should make some more muffins coz i forgot to put the other ones in the fridge so that the choc chunks would be cold and hard. i like the muffins cold when i eat them. love you aznah...

Friday, December 05, 2008


just got the courage to start my own blog. dont know what i was afraid of. i dont need approval from anyone (anymore). im happy with who i am and i feel relieved.

blogging still is a weird concept to me, just like working in an office is and driving a car is. i will get to those explanations another day. as for now, ill go. hope ill feel more 'up' 2mrw instead down like today.

love you az, youre beautiful.